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The Director’s Circle of the Ponderosa Center is a group of corporations, organizations, and individuals who have offered significant support from our very beginning.


Members of this distinguished group are the visionary, future-builders of the Ponderosa Center and understand the benefits that will be available to the community through its presence. Your minimum commitment of $1,000 with the option for an annual pledge aids the Ponderosa Center by establishing a dependable funding source to support the organization, its mission and purpose.

Membership in the Director’s Circle will also mean access to exclusive events, special occasions, project input sessions, and donor gatherings, as well as recognition in our newsletter, annual report and on the website.

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Director’s Circle Members


Bret and Doris Armacost

Janine Bastian and Dennis Whitmore

Steven and Shannon Berry

Madeline and Jim Boley

Mike and Linda Bowen

Judd and Diane DeBoer

DeLish Catering

Michael and Nancy Eck

Mel and Joan Edwards

Lynn Fazio and Joseph Sturla

John and Didi Fisher

Bob and Linda Hallock

Charlotte Hanson

Kent and Beverly Hellman

Joe and Kelly Hill

Charles Jones and Suzanne Paisley

Barrett and Taylre Lamm

John and Ann Link

Robert and Kitty Looper

Bruce and Carolyn Ludwig

Tanya and Jay Masterson

McCall Lake Cruises

McCall Premier Services-May Security

McCall Weddings

Bob Meinzer

Cheryl Meinzer

Tom and Kathy Menten

Tim and Chris Noga

Madeline and Ivan Rice

Terry and Connie Jo Rogers

Claire and Steve Ryberg

Sherry Maupin Real Estate

Suzi Smith

Richard and Margaret Surbeck

Cutler and Nancy Umbach

Craig and Rebecca Vroom

Ron and Sara Williams

Brandon and Nicole Youkstetter Family

Larry Zgonc

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