OUR Priorities



One Center. Three Priorities.

Arts. Education. Community.

It’s about community building community!

The concept of “our community” is unique. It is comprised of anyone from everywhere who has ever experienced the beauty of our land and the wholesomeness of our people. We now enlist “our community” in a quest to make a real difference for generations to come in our lifetime.

What our community is saying:

“The Ponderosa Center will be an incredible blessing to this community, offering a home venue for local artists and a gathering place for all.”


Vivian Driscoll, Community member and passionate supporter of the Arts

What our community is saying:

“The Center will be the very first year-round performance-oriented place in McCall. It will round out the experience in McCall and build on the legacy for a greater community.”


Bob Looper, Ponderosa Center Board Member & CEO of Brundage Mountain Holdings

What our community is saying:

“Participation in the arts, especially learning to play a musical instrument, instills the benefits of hard work along with improved communication skills, discipline, creativity and patience.”


Richard Surbeck, President, McCall Music Society


What our community is saying:

“Education is not simply what you learn from engaging with a teacher, although that is critically important. It is also what you soak up from participating in a community, or when you feel the joy of a beautiful concert or painting, or research ways to improve our world. Having a place and resources to do all of these enriches our lives.”


Joan Edwards, Ponderosa Center Emeritus Board Member


What our community is saying:

“One of the most important pillars to good health is having a robust community of relationships. The Ponderosa Center will provide the opportunity to continue to foster that community for all of us.”


Dan Ostermiller, MD, Integrative Medicine Specialist, and graduate of Andrew Weil’s Fellowship in Integrative Medicine


What our community is saying:

“The partnership between the McCall Ski Heritage Foundation and the Ponderosa Center will connect generations through the celebration of local ski heritage.”


Russell Moltke, Board Chair, McCall Ski Heritage Foundation

What our community is saying:

“Our family has had this property for over 25 years, and we have always struggled with how best to use it. It felt like a perfect fit when we were approached with this opportunity to be a part of something special for our community. Now more than ever.”


The Carey Family


What our community is saying:

“Debbie and I got involved with the Ponderosa Center because we believe it is the right time to invest in the future of the McCall community. The Center will provide a positive impact and expanded opportunities for generations to come.”

Chet and Debbie Wood, Ponderosa Center Board & Campaign Cabinet Members


Group photo (left) courtesy of Todd Nichols Photography. Musician photo (bottom right) courtesy of Daniel Thorson.

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