Why does McCall need the Ponderosa Center?
  • McCall does not presently have a large venue for conferences or performances.
  • The construction of a conference center and auditorium has long been envisioned by many local groups and individuals.
  •  Ponderosa Center will provide a central gathering place for the community
  • The Ponderosa Center, through introducing conference business on a larger scale to the McCall area, will bring a concept of “predictability” to our current seasonal fluctuations. The lead time in booking conferences takes some of the guess work out of business planning and forecasting the future.
What is the estimated cost of the project?
  • The Board of Directors and Campaign Cabinet have set internal fundraising goals to reach our Capital Campaign goal of $20M
  • McAlvain Construction of Boise, ID has reviewed the plans to assist with these estimates through value engineering.
Where will the Ponderosa Center be built?
  • The Ponderosa Center site is located on private, undeveloped property in the core of downtown McCall at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Pine Street.
  • This is a key development site in McCall and we are ecstatic to have acquired it.
  • We believe that our presence on the site, as a major, public facility enhances the use of the property and preserves the view for the public.
Who will use the Ponderosa Center?

Schools, theater troupes, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, film festivals, associations, local, state and federal government agencies, healthcare providers, regional corporations, West Central Mountain residents and visitors.

What will Ponderosa Center look like?
  • Presently there are only artist’s renderings, however the design will be in keeping with overall McCall designs and approved by McCall Planning and Zoning.
  • It will be in scale with Hotel McCall and will not block neighbors’ views of the lake. It will be below the maximum height limit of McCall building codes.
Are there be enough hotel rooms in McCall to house a large number of visitors?
  • According to the McCall Area Chamber of Commerce there are presently 460 hotel rooms, 344 vacation rentals for a total of 4,429 “pillows.”
  • McCall hotel owners and property managers are enthusiastic about the addition of a conference center to fill in the “gaps” of lodging seasonality.
  • There’s good indication from other local businesses that there is desire from organizations to make McCall its conference destination, but choose elsewhere due to lack of larger gathering spaces.
How will parking for the venue be handled?
  • The Ponderosa Center has developed a comprehensive approach to mitigate parking challenges during events at the Center.
  • These options include valet parking, shuttles and cooperative agreements with closely located, vacant property.
  • The Ponderosa Center will develop approximately 45 parking spaces on site.
  • There are 145 public parking spaces within one block from the Center.
  • The management of parking is being addressed community wide by the City of McCall.
Who will manage Ponderosa Center?
  • The Ponderosa Center Board of Directors
  • The plans include several, year-round, full-time positions including an Executive Director, Sales and Marketing professionals, and Facilities Maintenance to collectively manage the day to day operations.
  • Other vital services will be provided on a contract basis including catering, technical and other event related services.
Is the Ponderosa Center financially sustainable?
  • Yes.
  • A Sustainability Plan has been created that includes revenue from facility rental, sponsorship, grants, a membership program, a Sustainability Fund and Legacy Fund.
  • The Sustainability Fund and the Legacy Fund will provide sustainability resources and allow for usage of the facility at a reduced cost to the local organizations that we are committed to servicing.
Will Ponderosa Center change the small-town feel of McCall?

The small town charm, historic buildings, and unparalleled scenic beauty will not change. But, like it or not, McCall is changing. Idaho is changing- more people, more homes, more activity. We believe it is better to direct the change to something that will benefit the community, than to have an outside developer build what they think is best for us. A central gathering place will offer families and visitors education, entertainment and inspiration and will be a positive addition to our community. As a community we need to start creating solutions to the things that are already affecting us- with or without the Ponderosa Center, McCall is growing and needs us to help direct the changes.

How can I donate to Ponderosa Center?

Ponderosa Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Tax-deductible donations may be made to Ponderosa Center, Inc. at any time. Donations of stock and other financial instruments are also accepted. A donor commitment form is available and there are opportunities to name the building, the auditorium or conference center as well as smaller spaces. View our Donation Form >>