How can I donate to Ponderosa Center?
  • Ponderosa Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.
  • Tax-deductible donations may be made to Ponderosa Center, Inc. at any time.
  • Donations of stock and other financial instruments are also accepted.
  • Request a donor commitment form today! Naming opportunities are available.

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Will Ponderosa Center change the small-town feel of McCall?
  • The Ponderosa Center will not impact the small town charm, historic buildings, and unparalleled scenic beauty.
  • Recent aspirations by outside entities highlight the need to come together as a community to decide our own future.
  • The future and direction of the West Central Mountains could be less desirable without thoughtful input from our community.
  • We believe it is better to direct the growth to something that will benefit the community.
  • A central gathering place is a vital piece of the puzzle for the community.
  • The Ponderosa Center will be a positive addition to our community.
Why does McCall need the Ponderosa Center?
  •  Ponderosa Center will provide a central gathering place for the community
  • The Ponderosa Center will maximize the benefits of arts, education, networking and cultural opportunities through robust, multi-faceted programming and events, contributing to the health and success of our community.
Where will the Ponderosa Center be built?
  • The site is private, undeveloped property in the core of downtown McCall at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Pine Street.
  • This prized, private view property in downtown McCall, will be utilized for the public’s benefit for generations.
Who will use the Ponderosa Center?
  • Everyone!
  • The Ponderosa Center is a versatile and flexible space that can provide a venue for all types of groups, West Central Mountain residents, and visitors.
What is the estimated cost of the project?
  • The Board of Directors and Campaign Cabinet have set internal fundraising goals to reach our Capital Campaign goal of $20M
Is the Ponderosa Center financially sustainable?
  • Yes.
  • A non-profit business model with a focus on cross-subsidization and economy of scale will be employed to create a viable entity.
  • On going philanthropy from the community and sponsorship from industry will be an integral part of the center’s successful future.
What will Ponderosa Center look like?
  • We don’t know! Right now, function is the focus. What’s the best serves the West Central Mountains’ community?
  • The design will reflect the community’s style and will be within all code guidelines provided by McCall Planning and Zoning.
  • The building will aim to both, take advantage of and preserve the view of the lake for the community to enjoy.
How will parking for the venue be handled?
  • Transportation and parking are being addressed community wide by the City of McCall.
  • There are 145 public parking spaces within one block from the Center.
Are there be enough hotel rooms in McCall to house a large number of visitors?
Who will manage Ponderosa Center?
  • The Ponderosa Center Board of Directors serves as the governing body to the non-profit organization.
  • Day to day operations and vital services will be provided by full time, on-site positions and contracted vendors as needed.
Still have more questions?
  • Call us! (208) 271-1185
  • Email us!
  • Want to get a coffee and chat? We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the Ponderosa Center. 

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