Friend of the Ponderosa Center

$25 to $499 in cumulative donations


Jim and Judith Balis

Maddy Boduy

Nancilee Boslau

Phyllis Bulgin

Suzy Butler

Candy Clements

Jerry and Darlene Cornilles

Diane and John Crim*

Kate Dondup

Jennifer Dummar

Nicole Fitzgerald

Randal Fox

Tyler and Barbara Frizzell

Bob and Maggie Gamble

Ron and Sue Gaunt

Michael Gibson

Dan and Mary Graff

Jennifer Hurlbutt

Josh and Hayley Johnson

Amy Kinsella

Amy Pemberton

Doug and Leslie Phillips

Anne Rush

Jennifer Sadhana

Sarah Seidl and Keely Duke

Lorrie Suess

University of Idaho

Winston Yeast and Karen Evans

Advocate of the Ponderosa Center

$500 to $999 in cumulative donations


Dean and Patty Hovdey

Glen and Sue Lovelace

Bob and Sally Wilkinson

Business Leader

$1,000 or more in cumulative donations

Paikka Bakery

McCall Weddings

US Bank

Idaho First Bank

Builders FirstSource

Director’s Circle

$1,000 to $4,999 in cumulative donations

Founding Members are denoted by * next to their name. This is a special category, recognized in perpetuity, for the members that supported us from the very beginning.

Patricia and Bert Armacost*

Bert and Pat Armstrong*

Lori Gibson Banducci

Bank of America Charitable Foundation Employee Giving Program

Bob Beachaud and Sheree Sonfield

Steve and Shannon Berry*

James Boley and Madeline Cahill Boley*

Sandra Broun

Dave Buich

Kevin Callan

David and Ruth Carey*

Hethe Clark

Sue and Steve Clements*

Jim and Lynn Coleman*

Diane and John Crim*

Candy and James Dale Family Charitable Fund

Doug and Nancy Dammrose

Diane DeBoer Family*

Shauna E. Della*

Bill and Leslie Drake

Mel and Dr. Joan Edwards*

Karen Estabrook and Rob Armstrong*

Drew and Paula Forney*

Diane Plastino Graves & Ron Graves

Tonya Hall

Bob and Linda Hallock*

Steve and Debra Hanks

Charlotte Hanson*

Joe and Kelly Hill*

Deb and John Holleran

Dennis and Kathy Johnson

Tayler and Barrett Lamm*

Ann and John Link*

Brian and Elaine Looper

Anna and Kyle Looper

Tom and Julie Manning

Jay and Tanya Masterson*

John and Luci McDonald*

Robert and Cheryl Meinzer*

Millemann, Pemberton and Holm*

Mark and Lisa Morgan

Betsy Moynihan Family

Ken Mulle and Jill Murray*

Dan and Lisa Ostermiller*

Charles Jones and Suzanne Paisley*

Robin and Susan Price

Rich and Georgiann Raimondi

Tammy and Colby Rampton*

Ron and Carol Reagan

Madeline and Ivan Rice*

Steve and Kelly Richards*

Tim and Nadeane Rutledge*

Tom and Sue Saldin

George and Erica Seeds

Randall Smith and Cathy Nofri

Susan Smith*

Rachael Sotos

David and Brenda Spurgeon

Kristi and Ryan Thomasson

Todd Allen Construction, Inc.

Christian and Jessica Toebe

U.S. Bank National Association

Nancy and Cutler Umbach*

Craig and Rebecca Vroom*

Paul and Dee Warner

Lisa and Jim Weil*

Jeff and Maggie Weissman*

Tara Wensel

Joan and Bill Whitacre*

Dennis Whitmore and Janine Bastian*

Sandra and Michael Wilkinson*

Sara and Ron Williams*

Nicole and Brandon Youkstetter*

Jim and Karen Young

Larry Zgonc*


$5,000 to $9,999 in cumulative donations

JJ and Sara Astorquia

Pete and Tracey Blanton

John and Jane Francis*

Idaho Power

Fred and Sherry Maupin*

Claire and Steve Ryberg*

President’s Club

$10,000+ in cumulative donations

Mike and Beverly Anderson*


Vivan Driscoll

Jennifer Duplisea

Mike and Nancy Eck*

Mel and Dr. Joan Edwards*

Kent and Beverly Hellman*

John Jackson

Langan Barber Foundation

Bob and Kitty Looper*

Carolyn and Bruce Ludwig*

Bill and Susan McCandless

Kathy and Tom Menten*

Connie and Terry Rogers*

Tim and Nadeane Rutledge*

Uwe and Karen Ruttke

Simplot Foundation

Walt and Kristin Sinclair*

Janell Strosnider and Carl Robbert*

Joe Sturla and Lynn Fazio*

Richard and Margie Surbeck*

Debbie and Chet Wood*


2023 Summer Concert Sponsorships

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