How and where does our community gather? Where do we come together to learn, to celebrate, to inspire? Where can we experience music or art, education or entertainment, together? PONDEROSA CENTER could be that place for our community.


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The Ponderosa Center

A place to inspire

A variety of spaces, including the 400-seat theater, will allow our community to gather under one roof to attend meetings, celebrate milestones and view performances by national artists and local performers of all ages.

A place to connect

The unique conference center will attract organizations, educators, conferences and social events, bringing visitors and their business to McCall. The indoor and outdoor gathering spaces will be perfect for receptions and other social gatherings.

A place for everyone

Ponderosa Center offers a venue where families and individuals can come together for entertainment such as movies, drama, and music. The center will provide opportunities for everyone in the community by adding all-season events and new, exciting activities.