Learners today, Leaders tomorrow

Through partnerships with universities, community colleges and other nonprofits the Ponderosa Center is committed to bringing a robust offering of learning opportunities to the region to include:

  • Expanded local opportunities for access to college coursework.
  • Strengthening bonds with the local school districts to enrich K-12 learning.

  • Enhancing life-long learning through continuing education and public lecture series.

Boise State University

Community Impact Programs (CIP) is a new collaborative initiative responding to the call from Boise State University President Marlene Tromp, for Boise State campus to identify and deliver educational programs to rural communities in the university’s service area.

The purpose of this initiative is to connect students to educational opportunities without the constraints of traditional infrastructure. This is a far more flexible and cost effective approach to education for taxpayers and enables students to access their courses anywhere, anytime while staying actively employed in the community of their choice.

Outdoor Recreation, Hospitality, and Wellness – McCall’s Signature Program. Designed with the community, this signature program is experiential/applied,modular, interdisciplinary, forward-thinking and “awesome.” McCall owns the outcomes of this program. Instruction in this program will happen in McCall, online and in a hybrid format.

West Central Mountains Economic Development Council

The West Central Mountains Economic Development Council works to provide workforce development through career and technical education offerings, business development skills, apprenticeship matching and is the point organization for the higher education initiatives with Boise State University.

“Education is not simply what you learn from engaging with a teacher, although that is critically important. It is also what you soak up from participating in a community, or when you feel the joy of a beautiful concert or painting, or research ways to improve our world. Having a place and resources to do all of these enriches our lives.”

Joan Edwards, Ponderosa Center Emeritus Board Member

Photo courtesy of Boise State University